Dark Dealings in the Desert

Events so far

The river runs dry

The characters begin the small town of Skoal as corn farmers. One morning they wake to find a disturbing even in progress. The river, the heartbeat of this small desert town, was running lower and lower until it finally dried up. In the town meeting, the elders asked for volunteers to venture upstream to the city of Ak’harash and attempt to learn the cause of the sudden drought. The volunteers are instructed to find a man named Ralash, because he was a friend of the elders. The journey to the city was peppered with raiders and hostile insects of alarming size. Most of the raiders were avoided at night, and the few that were not avoided were defeated with moonshine form the Skoal tavern. The large insects were slightly more dangerous, and a few wounds were accumulated. The insects did not fare so well, however. Upon arrival at the gates, the adventurers were questioned and let through under the impression that they were merchants. A tavern was immediately sought out, the the Rouge challenged the bartender to drinking contest. This drew a considerable crowd, and after sufficient flare, the drinking began. The Rouge was out cold after 11 shots of the moonshine, and the bartender at 12. The next day, everyone but the rouge (incapacitated by a hangover) asked around for Ralash, and discovered the he was staying in a cave outside the city. the next day, they they went to restock their supplies, and found out that someone had wiped out the store of weapons. They struck a deal with the shopkeep for the info, and were successful. They left and went to the cave. They found a bearded man by the name of Ralash in a frenzy. He claimed that they are coming to kill him, and the party needed to help him to defend himself. They are skeptical, but sure enough, many armed men show up at the mouth of the cave and request that Ralash is given to them immediately. he refused and a fight followed. The bulk of men were taken out with a grease spell, that was then lit on fire. Ralash insisted that they head for the hills until it calms down. Remembering that the men looked to be from the Ak’harash city guard, they inquire about his past, but he says nothing. He hints that he knows something big, but wants to show the characters in person. In the Wyvern wasteland, as the land north of the city is called, the characters encounter a wyvern, and after a brutal, and nearly lethal, fight, they are victorious, but need to rest for a while and nurse their wounds.


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